Hi, I'm Aira Ivy. 18 yrs young. A damsel in distress, save me if you can.

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Cause nothing makes me happier, and nothing makes me sadder than you.

— A

1. This post is all about me

2. It’s 100% random

3. I hate the smell of cinnamon

4. I love puppies

5. Got 3 piercings

6. I’m not a fan of Ariana Grande

7. I’ve never watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy

8. I love punk & alternative rock bands

9. A huge fan of G-Dragon

10. Skittles is my favorite candy

11. Greek mythology excites me

12. I super love the night time coz of the moon and the stars

13. I read horoscopes

14. Aquarius is my zodiac sign

15. I love to go out and party  

16. My shoe size is mostly 5/35

17. I drink too much for a girl (I think)

18. I used to smoke, now I’m nicotine free

19. I know how to play all card games

20. Shopping distresses me

21. Every time I eat, I feel happy so I eat a lot

22. Jogging/Running is my favorite exercise

23. Got 4 moles all over my body

24. I’m a huge fan of basketball

25. Los Angeles Lakers is my all-time favorite NBA team

26. And Kobe Bryant is my most favorite player

27. I super miss acting on stage

28. I love to dance (I think I’m good at it)

29. I also love to sing but my voice …….. lol

30. I know the piano basics

31. I really really want to go back playing the guitar

32. I read books - mostly novels and poems

33. I’m so in love with sunsets

34. I always dream of having a beach wedding

35. I hate it when a guy/suitor gives me flowers. I think flowers should only be given at funerals idk I’m weird

36. I don’t like ketchup and mayonnaise on my food eww gross

37. I enjoy watching television series - American and Korean specifically

38. I could just watch a movie all day long. I love movies

39.  I used to play LoL, Warcraft, and Counter Strike now I hate them .

40. But I still play GTA

41. My family lives in a compound with my aunts, uncles, and cousins that’s why we’re pretty close. It’s a good thing

42. I always spend my summer vacation at Calaun, Laguna - my mom’s hometown

43. I’m a daddy’s girl

44. I’ve got two other Tumblr accounts - one is for fashion and girly stuffs and the other one is for my favorite people and other stuffs

45. I love dressing up.

46. Shoe addict

47. I love make up!

48. I love going at concerts where my favorite bands play

49. I’m into bazaars and thrift shopping

50. I love my self.


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Earlier at The Gridlock with DJ George and DJ Nathan.

Earlier at The Gridlock with DJ George and DJ Nathan.

"Talent" Daw

Isang nakakatawang pangyayari…

Kasi nga may klase ako nun tapos biglang may tumawag sa akin, unknown number so sinagot ko. Yoboseyo ako ng Yoboseyo eh di ko maintindihan kausap ko kaya yun lang sinabi ko. Lol! So tinext ko na lang kung sino. Ayun pala alumna ng college namin tapos kukunin daw niya kong talent kasi kailangan daw nya ng mataray ang mukha lalo na daw yung mata. Hahahahaha pota kapag sinabing mataray ang mata ako agad? Hahahahahaha. Pero nakakatuwa kasi naiisip nya ako kahit graduate na sya. Chos! Friday yung shoot eh sakto rest day ko yun so pwede pero syempre dahil maarte ako, hindi ako pumayag. Nakakahiya nga kay Ate eh. Sabi pa nya wala namang linya, aarte lang sa camera at tsaka sayang may talent fee daw. Muntik na kong pumayag gawa nung talent fee pero nahihiya talaga ako at natatawa ng sobra. Hahahahahahaha

*Yoboseyo=Korean phrase? for hello when answering the phone.

malabo….parang tayo. HAHAHAHAHAHA CHOS

malabo….parang tayo. HAHAHAHAHAHA CHOS

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My comfort food. Yaaaaaay! Someone sent his love. Thanks. :”>

My comfort food. Yaaaaaay! Someone sent his love. Thanks. :”>

Pang 2 X 2.

Pang 2 X 2.

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Bored? Bakit di maghairspa. Lezz do this.

Bored? Bakit di maghairspa. Lezz do this.